Discovery of Purpose

Discovery of Purpose

Luke 15:8-10

So many have a belief that purpose is something that just happens (one day to a lucky few, the heavens open and the majestic voice of God speaks). Others are frustrated because they have prayed about it and yet do not have any idea what to do with their lives.

The truth is that God is not mocked and you should never be deceived into believing that.

One prayer at a conference that you go to or one prayer when you remember is not going to set you on the path to your God-ordained destiny.


It takes a desperate hunt


You know how you cannot eat? You know how desperation drives a hungry person? That is how desperation drives an individual to the discovery, that sees the fulfillment of their destiny as their ONLY option.

Remember the parable of the lost coin (Luke 15:8-10), the lady searched UNTIL she found her coin because it was of great importance to her.

If living a life of purpose is not just a cliché to you, you will search and not stop until you find it. When I say until I mean you will not stop at all until you find it. You will be studying (not reading) books (not one book) on purpose and destiny. When you read, you will read it in relation to your personal life and not just general. You will continuously pray about it.

Many pray continuously on the things they want to receive but pray once or twice on their purpose; how can they then say they really want to know their purpose.

Finally, you will open doors of opportunities because you are looking and expecting God to show you. If you are expecting a delivery and the door knocks, you will not wait for there to be a huge chaotic bang at the door, a simple knock is enough in anticipation that it is your parcel.

Therefore, get your hands dirty with your passions that you can notice now and let that door lead to another and then another until you can see the entire picture.



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