Clear Expectations: Relationships

Clear Expectations: Relationships

I set out to search for the reason why relationships end and many couples break up.

Then a thought came suddenly. When two people decide to get together, they do so base on physical attractions and the assumptions formed of the other based on observations.

However very few sit down to express the clear expectations they have for the relationship and the other party.

What therefore happens?

These expectations that were never expressed and agreed on, cause a disappointment and dissatisfaction that leads to the end of the relationship.

For example, two people get together and the girl expects that she will have a short courtship and be married within two years at the most. However, after three years, her attitude changes and the man wonders why.

Well, frustrations arose when expectations were not met.

Again, when couples get together and have a clear idea of what a girlfriend or wife is to do but did not communicate it, the same thing happens.

It is, therefore, necessary to have a successful relationship and marriage to always (in a loving manner) express your expectations first and gain an agreement.

However, it is so important not to put an expectation on a human being that only Christ can meet

(1 Peter 5:7).  No one can be Jesus to you but Jesus


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