Leave your comfort zone

Leave your comfort zone

Have you been hiding in the background of life, relegating yourself to simply being a beautiful prop on the arms of a man or expecting to be no more than a stagehand in the life your husband?

Do you wonder if God could ever use you or if you are even valuable to His kingdom at all?

Many women fail to realise the awesome investment God has already put in their lives.  They want to do great things for God and live an extraordinary life but they are stifled by their fears, doubts, disappointments, and disbelief.

They recoil and do only what fits their comfort-zone, afraid to step out of the shadows and shine under God’s light.  All the while, their God-given potentials sits untouched and our purpose never becomes realised.

My friend, the Father is calling you now to come from the backstage of life and take up your glorious destiny.  He took His time to create you and He is saying that “I have appointed you for the very purpose of displaying my power in you and to spread my fame throughout the earth…you have been raised for such a time as this” {Romans 9:17 & Esther 4:14}

The world is waiting for your manifestation so arise, step out and shine!!





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