When you start, start well!!!

When you start, start well!!!

You’re about to set out on a road trip that is going to take 6 hours to get there. But before you go, you need to plan ahead. Make sure you plan your route ahead, have your sat nav ready and of course make sure that the car is fuelled up. Although you may be in a rush to get to your destination, imagine all the mishaps and inconveniences that you could cause yourself and possibly others if you don’t prepare and plan ahead?

So, the same way we would take time to plan our road trip is the same way we should take time to plan the vision you have or the purpose God has given you. We need to fill our car with food – we need to fill ourselves with the word ~ as this will help us to keep going. We listen to the sat nav as it directs us – we need to listen to the Holy Spirit as He directs us. Let us not be naive and think everything will always go swimmingly well and that nothing “bad” can happen, but let us remember that we may meet diversions and traffic along the way (afflictions and hurdles) however, because we took time to plan and we’re all fuelled up, we won’t be shaken or weary about the changes.

Preparing ourselves also means preparing for the “worst” to come. Imagine if an army went to war without preparing to be attacked in different ways. The first sign of attack and they would all probably come running back to base. When you start to prepare yourself, you will start off well.





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