Look in the Mirror, What do you See?


Reflection….. as simple as the word may sound, it has become the determinant of how the lady felt about herself.

For some strange reason, it controls her mood, confidence, and countenance. The issue was not with what she saw, the issue was that, what she saw, did not fit the perfect picture that she “thought” the world wanted to see. She couldn’t do anything without being reminded of that “perfect picture”. On the train, she finds it in the paper, driving she sees it on the billboard, walking on her street, she sees the girl next door…The “Perfect Picture”.

Now, take a look at your mirror, what do you see?

Starring back at you is uniqueness, there is no duplicate of you. You were specially put together and constructed down to the last detail.

Wishing you looked like someone else or wishing you were someone else is just violating the pride God takes when He looks at you.

He sees no fault in you, what He sees is a lady with so much potentials that are yet to be explored and engaged, if only she would let him work on her.


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