You are Unique

You are Unique

When you look at women today across the globe, it is hard to see the beauty of each of them individually because they are all busy trying to merge into a so-called “idealistic” image. And the truth is that this

And the truth is that this so-called “look” has been created by one unfulfilled, depression-ridden lost soul in Hollywood somewhere. The trick of the devil is to use these mediums to cause you to look into the mirror and rather than searching for God’s fingerprint on your life and celebrate that undying beauty, you disapprove of what glares back at you and confusion kicks in.

It is this confusion that has led many to be living a dead life on earth.

To get rid of that confusion you must first find “YOUR TRUTH” and this sets you free forever. As you keep celebrating that truth (which is your true identity), others begin to celebrate it with you and that is the beginning of unending Greatness.



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