His intention was the perfecting and the full equipping of the saints (His consecrated people), that they should do the work of ministering toward building up Christ’s body (the church)

Ephesians 4: 15


Raising an army empowered to display the glory of God, developing and building up the body of Christ (Joel 2:2-11)


To equip Christians in the understanding of all God has made available. Empower All Christians in various walks of life. Encourage Christians to begin to live in the fullness of Christ.


Expanding and advancing the kingdom of God in this generation. Raising an army empowered to display the glory of God, developing and building up the body of Christ, that they may receive their inheritance in Christ


To Go and reach the Lost that some may be saved, showing the love of God to those who need it the most. (Luke 19v10).

Our Purpose

MAM has a divine assignment to empower Christians around the world to live in the inheritance God has set for them. As you engage in all the ministries resources online and at our conferences, we believe that you will begin to live the life God has in mind for you.



The Life God Has For You

Stop Living Less Than You Are


This book will open your eyes to all that is available for you as a child of God, and it will empower you to reject less and push to live in the beautiful and abundant life that God has set aside for you. Your life as a Christian is God’s number one tool to show the world who He is and by the truth found in this book, you will become all God is so that the world can see Him inside you. Can you say confidently that you are living the life that God has for you as obtained through His Son, Jesus Christ?


Mimi Ajala Ministries

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  • I wanted to thank you so much for the ‘Buying Your First Home’ session. I am now in the early stages of buying my first property
    I really wasn’t expecting to buy for another 2 years, let alone in Buckinghamshire BUT God!!! Thank you,

    - Cynthia.G
  • I attended the MAM Christian Women’s Neetwork even about Advancing careers. I had been trusting God for new job for a while. After the session I was motivated to belive God for role beyond me. That is exactly what I got!

    - Jennifer
  • I attended a MAM event about 5 years ago and during the service, we were instructed to write down our goals and commit them all into God's hands. I must have been in my 2nd year of University. I was in the midst of making several applications for graduate jobs (training contracts in law firms) and having to deal with numerous application rejections. Despite this, I was very encouraged during the service to write in faith that I wanted to work in a magic circle law firm, amongst other things. The act of writing that goal down made me begin to picture myself as a trainee in a magic circle law firm and I received a conviction that remained with me until the goal became a reality 2 years later (a true manifestation of Habakkuk 2:2-3!)The conviction helped me to pick myself up at times when I felt low, when I had to face more rejections and when I came all so close to giving up on my career goals. After all the ups and downs, I am living the reality of my goal today. Just as I had written down during that service, I am working in a magic circle firm - Clifford Chance LLP and I am in the second half of my training contract right now. Even at my work place, the Lord is showing me immense favour amongst my colleagues and my superiors. Indeed, God deserves all the Glory because He alone has done this good thing.
    I look forward to the next event! I would also really like to assist in anyway that I can with the International Gathering of God's Women 2018 in any way that I can.

    - Dolly.H
  • A great opportunity recharge spiritually and mentally with other Christians

    Conference Attendee




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