Encountering God at IGOGW23

He put a royal crown on her head

Esther 2:17

There is the season for the promise, then there is the season for the wait but finally there is the season for
one to receive the promise and walk in the reality of that which you have believed for.

This is that season. This is that moment.
A season for God to place His crown on your head and push you into your season of dominion in every area
of your life. God changed Moses from a fugitive to a deliverer with one encounter, Saul from the least to the
head and Esther from a peasant to the queen in one moment.

Now it is your turn and it is your moment.
Join the International gathering of God’s women for a spiritual encounter like never before, a moment that
sees you covered in the glory of God, an atmosphere that will change you and see you receive your crown.

The Line Up

Mimi Ajala (Host)

Serenity Worship

Other anointed guests

Get Involved!

We are opening up opportunities for you to be a part of what God is set to do at IGOGW23!!

If you have been called to prayer as an intercessor, the intercessory team would be an avenue for you to contribute to this great assignment with your gift.

We also have the volunteer team who will be in charge of the running of the programme at IGOGW23. This is open to anyone who would like to serve as Gods steward on the day of the conference.

Kindly sign up by clicking on the volunteer button applicable to you.