The God Experience

We are now in a time where now more than ever, it is of necessity to know your God.

The time where you could base your entire Christianity on ministers or preachers is now over. You MUST know God personally. In this season for anyone who isn’t experiencing God, their salvation may not be able to withstand the terrible times.

But the good news is that God is waiting for you so that He can manifest Himself to you personally and in you. God is desperate to create personal experience you and Him and give you encounters that will leave a print in your life forever.

The Bible has shown us that one of the ways in which we can encounter God is through Worship. The prophet said

“bring me a minstrel” 2 Kings 3:15

The God experience is always a night of uninterrupted undiluted worship for you to experience God for yourself. It is a time of encounters and God moment where the heavens open and though you are in the midst of a crowd, you have a personal and intimate moment with God Himself.

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