University Power Conference

University is a time to develop and grow, discover more of who you are and have fun. However, this medium that should be used to lay so great a foundation for your future can be used to destroy one’s future.

How? – When someone does not understand their identity.

Understanding who you are and what you possess will allow you to access the power at your disposal.

Empowering students to

Be the influencer not the influenced

You may be heading to university this year, unsure about what to expect and how to prepare as a Christian.
You may have just finished your first year and are struggling with your identity and other issues.
You may be approaching final year and are wondering what the next step is and how your degree ties in with your purpose.

We want to see YOU to empower you to be all that God has called you to be while at university.

We have a special section at UPC to train and support students in leadership positions at their various Christian Societies/Unions/Fellowships, with the right tools to have a successful ministry at their respective university.

The ministry of UPC aims to empower you throughout your time at University to have a vibrant and impactful Christian life

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