My heart for you this week

This week I am being led to pray earnestly for you for something specifically. As we begin a new week and draw ever closer to towards the end of the year, I do not know what are your thoughts towards your dreams and hopes but I do know that hopes have a way of fading and dreams dying especially in a year like this. But I want to remind of the story of Abraham and how even though there was no reason to dream of a son as all hope was lost due to his age, Abram chose to dream again and hold on to his hope for a son until finally God’s promise came to pass.

There may be so many things against your hopes and dreams, your mind telling you why what you are hoping for may not come to pass but God is telling you to hope again.

God is not a man that He will lie, what He promised you in your heart can come to pass and He will bring it to pass in due time, if you don’t throw away your hope.

One of the hardest yet most rewarding things to do is to hope against hope, to keep believing God even though there are many reasons to give up. Those who manage this, get to experience the sensational feeling of the manifestation of their longed for testimony.

My heart for you this week is that you will hope again, dream again and believe again.

I am going to be praying earnestly for you this week that God will empower you to believe again.

If there is anything specifically you want me to join you in prayer, please send a request through.

I love you greatly

In Christ

Mimi Ajala

Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, “So shall your offspring be”. Romans 4:18

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